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DNSSEC in .CL - Security for the DNS

What is DNSSEC?

DNSSEC is a new technology which increases the security of the DNS by a collection of security extensions which adds an additional layer to the current protocol. In this way, it is fully compatible with the present DNS and permits its gradual and controlled implementation.

DNSSEC adds characteristics of integrity and authenticity to the DNS by using cryptography. This will allow to verify that a conversion "domain name → IP address" is legitimate and it is authorized by the responsible of the domain name and also, that it has not been modified in the transmission.

DNSSEC is based in the same authority and trust used in the current hierarchy of the DNS. In this way, NIC Chile must sign the .CL zone and obtain an authorization from the DNS root. When this is accomplished, the .CL domain holders which decide to use DNSSEC, should sign their own domain and get the authorization from NIC Chile.



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