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DNSSEC in .CL - Security for the DNS

DNSSEC Signing Policy & Practice Statement for the .CL zone

NIC Chile, following the international practices for DNSSEC in top level domain names, publish its "DNSSEC Signing Policy & Practice Statement for the .CL zone" (DPS) document, where states the practices and procedures that NIC Chile will use to sign the .CL zone, and also the distribution services that include generation, management, change and publication of the DNS keys.

This document in its english version is a translation of the original version of CL DPS written in Spanish, and is provided for informational purpose only. NIC Chile does not represent or warrant correctness and accuracy of this translation.

  • DPS for .CL, version 1.1, april 26 2011.
    Last update: december 24 2012 (few typos)


Disclaimer: english version only for reference.
Original and official version of this document located in


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