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DNSSEC in .CL - Security for the DNS

Preliminary Time Schedule

  1. End 2009: Signed .CL zone for internal tests.
  2. First quarter 2010: Interoperability test in network.
  3. Second half 2010: .CL zone will be officially signed, and begins an incremental publication in the .CL name servers.
  4. First half 2011: Publication of DPS, and the public key of NIC Chile will be included in the DNS root.
  5. Second half of 2011: Training, documentation and lectures to the .CL customers.
  6. End of 2011: The keys of .CL customers will be accepted.

This schedule is tentative. DNS is a critical function in the internet operation, so each stage in this process will be periodically monitored and analyzed. Depending on the outcome of each stage, this schedule can be modified. The DNSSEC deployment will be done avoiding any risks to the stability of operation of .CL.


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