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300 thousand .CL domain names

NIC Chile announced that it reached the milestone of 300,000 domain names in .CL, the code that identifies Chile on the Internet.

This reflects the large growth in the number of companies and individuals seeking to have their own name on the network and is undoubtedly a sign of maturity reached by the use of Internet in our country. Chile is the third country with the highest number of domain names per capita in America with a little more than 17 domain names per thousand inhabitants, being surpassed only by Argentina and Canada, in countries with more than 50,000 names.

It is also the fifth largest country with more domains registered in the national domain in Latin America, after Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, surpassing more populous countries.

NIC Chile has long maintained a policy of striving for excellence in customer service and avoiding unnecessary regulation. We know that in a globalized world, users can choose to register under .CL or under other domains (such as. COM or other generics), and appreciate the confidence that the national community puts in our work by overwhelmingly choosing us.


NIC Chile
Santiago, November 16 2010.


About NIC Chile

NIC Chile, a center of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile, is in charge of administering the domain name registry of .CL, that identifies Chile in the Internet. In this role, it is responsible before the local and global Internet community for its secure and efficient operation, to allow persons, enterprises and institutions to build their identity on the Internet, under.CL.

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