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NIC Chile promotes initiatives for women in computing

NIC Chile, once again, collaborates with initiatives that promote active participation of women in computing.

We have joined in the effort to facilitate the participation of two students of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile at the Grace Hopper Celebration 2019, the world's most important conference of women in computing, held in Orlando, Florida, October 1- 4.

The chosen students are Daniela Campos Fischer and Ilana Mergudich Thal, noted for their academic performance and solid theoretical and technical training, which they have actively shared in the university community through teaching and promoting the participation of women in computing. Both were part of the first team of women who represented the University in the competitive ACM ICPC programming competition.

Similarly, NIC Chile will contribute to the eighth Meeting of Women in Computing (Chile-WiC), to be held on Friday, October 18, in the Aula Magna of the Universidad de los Andes (Monsignor Álvaro Portillo 12455, Las Condes, Santiago).

Chile-WiC is an annual celebration that seeks to increase the participation and permanence of women in computer-related careers and technology, making the work that women do in these areas visible, and encouraging the creation of support networks at all levels.


NIC Chile
Santiago, October 3, 2019.


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