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Half a Million Domain Names Registered Under .CL

NIC Chile announces that on March 22nd the number of domain names registered under .CL reached a total of 500,000.

Since its creation in 1987, NIC Chile has seen a steady rise in the number of registrations. In 1997, there were approximately 1,500 registered domains; since then, this number has increased until reaching the current figure.

According to Patricio Poblete, Director of NIC Chile, one of .CL’s strengths lies in the great acceptance that .CL domain names enjoy at national level, a result of the decision by many individuals and companies to create a presence and develop their Internet identity with .CL.

This important milestone finds NIC Chile undergoing a process of change aimed at continuing to improve the services offered to the community. In addition to having upgraded its registration systems and procedures to match current industry best practices and introduced online arbitration for domain name dispute resolution, NIC Chile is now working to diversify and expand its marketing channels, both in Chile and abroad.

NIC Chile appreciates the trust our users and customers have deposited in us, as it encourages us to continue to grow and improve our services so that more people and companies can have Internet presence.

NIC Chile. We are dot CL!


NIC Chile
Santiago, March 28, 2016.


About NIC Chile

NIC Chile, a center of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile, is in charge of administering the domain name registry of .CL, that identifies Chile in the Internet. In this role, it is responsible before the local and global Internet community for its secure and efficient operation, to allow persons, enterprises and institutions to build their identity on the Internet, under.CL.

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