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NIC Chile will participate in the World IPv6 Day

NIC Chile announces its participation next June 8th, 2011 at the "World IPv6 Day", a campaign led by the Internet Society (ISOC), which will also include the participation of large Internet content providers like Google, Yahoo, Facebook; and infrastructure providers and networks such as Akamai, Comcast, among others.

That day and for 24 hours, all participants will activate their services through the IPv6 protocol in a trial run, taking measurements and preparing a successful transition from the current IPv4 protocol, which is in the final days of depletion.

NIC Chile has been preparing for over 5 years for IPv6, organizing and participating in seminars and lectures, activating its own IPv6 connection, participating in Google testbeds, and ultimately leading through NIC Chile Labs the IPv6 Working Group Chile (in spanish) that seeks to make an orderly transition in conjunction with internet service providers (ISP) and the Government.

During the World IPv6 Day, NIC Chile will enable its web service (, whois ( and national name servers (DNS) with the IPv6 protocol. At the same time the operation will be measured and monitored from various locations around the world. This will help detecting early and in a controlled way the possible problems of coexistence with the current IPv4 protocol, and analyze the timing when IPv6 will be enabled permanently.

If you have the possibility to access the Internet over IPv6, we request your participation accessing our services that day. If you do not have it yet, you can still get ready by making some connectivity checks, and reporting to your ISP any problems you detect during World IPv6 Day.

More information and a complete list of participants at ISOC's official site.


NIC Chile
Santiago, April 21, 2011.


About NIC Chile

NIC Chile, a center of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile, is in charge of administering the domain name registry of .CL, that identifies Chile in the Internet. In this role, it is responsible before the local and global Internet community for its secure and efficient operation, to allow persons, enterprises and institutions to build their identity on the Internet, under.CL.

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