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New secondary service for .CL with Packet Clearing House

As part of an ongoing effort to provide a more robust and faster response times worldwide, NIC Chile has contracted with the U.S. organization Packet Clearing House (PCH) a high availability service for secondary servers for CL.

This new scheme of operation means that NIC Chile strengthens its capacity by adding to the name servers now operational, more than 40 new servers for CL with Anycast technology, located in the main Internet exchange points, in countries like Germany, Netherlands, England, France, Austria, Ireland and Italy (Europe), a dozen U.S. cities, Egypt, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa (Africa), Lebanon, Japan, Malaysia, China, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand (Asia Pacific) among others.

Packet Clearing House ( is a nonprofit research institute that operates public monitoring and network analysis tools (looking-glasses) and gathers routing information in many Internet exchange points (IXP) throughout the world. In addition, they host more than 30 ccTLDs of all sizes, some gTLDs and several instances of root servers, among other services.

With the launch of this new service, NIC Chile continues to improve the robustness and response times of the network of servers that serve all .CL domain names worldwide.

See .CL namerservers map (in spanish).


NIC Chile
Santiago, 22 de septiembre de 2010.

About NIC Chile

Domain names allow persons, businesses and institutions to be identified in Internet.

NIC Chile is the organization in charge of managing the domain name registry for .CL, the identifier that corresponds to Chile, and is responsible for operating the technology that makes those identifiers function in an efficient and secure way.

After two decades on duty, with more than 280 thousand domains registered, Chile is one of the countries with the highest presence of its national domain, compared with generic ones, such as .com.

NIC Chile is a service provided to the community by the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the Universidad de Chile.

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