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NIC Chile installs a new name server for .CL in USA

NIC Chile informs that a new dedicated server to provide DNS service for .CL domain names has began its operations. Located in Redwood City, CA, USA, it will join an anycast cloud, under direct control of NIC Chile.

In this way, the network of servers for .CL which NIC Chile manages directly, is now present in 3 regions outside of Chile: Europe (Czech Republic); North America (USA) and South America (Brasil); in addition to 7 nodes distributed in 3 cities of Chile, that cover almost all the domestic internet service providers (ISP).

Additional DNS service for .CL is provided by agreements and contracts with prestigious external organizations, such as ISC and NETNOD (Autonomica).

With the launching of operations of this new nameserver, NIC Chile continues improving the robustness and response time of the network of servers that resolve domain names for .CL worldwide.

See .CL nameservers map (in spanish).


NIC Chile
Santiago, July 30th, 2010.

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